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This is the website for PLJ which is a scientific law journal dealing exclusively with issues of public procurement. The overall aim of the journal is to highlight the topic of public procurement law in Academia, both at Swedish universities and at universities in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic countries.

PLJ was started in the autumn of 2014 with its first issue released in November 2014. This was celebrated at Stockholm University by over 150 people at a release party with speeches by the Swedish Civil Minister Ardalan Shekarabi, by the Dean of the Legal Institution at Stockholm University Peter Meltz and by the journal's founder, associate professor Andrea Sundstrand. PLJ is published by a non-profit organization, Föreningen för utgivande av Upphandlingsrättslig Tidskrift (FUrT). FUrT is among other things planning to award scholarships to talented students in the subject of public procurement if there is any future surpluses.

PLJ is published four times a year, each issue contains four papers written by scholars on the subject of public procurement law. However, researchers from other disciplines are also welcome to publish papers on public procurement in the journal. PLJ provides peer reviews to the authors who wish so. One paper in each issue is written by a student, based on the student's masters thesis. Papers are written in Swedish or in English. The English papers are provided as open access, see relevant menu link for papers published as open access.

In addition to the scientific articles PLJ contains an account of court cases from the European Court of Justice, from the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court and from the Swedish Supreme Court in cases involving public procurement. The journal also contains an account of the main events in the public procurement field from the EU and from Sweden. You will also find listings of relevant books and articles on the subject of public procurement. PLJ finally contains a list of essential non-commercial conferences etc. in the public procurement field.

If you would like to support PLJ, you could subscribe to the journal. Subscriptions are handled by Jure AB, www.jure.se. You are also welcome to visit PLJ's Procurement Conference held in Stockholm on 7-8 April 2016, urtkonferens.se.

UrT stödjer Unitehopeprojektet. Unitehopes ängel skapades år 2005 av den svenska konstnären Lehna Edwall. Ängeln är symbolen för ett världsomspännande nätverk som skapar en tyst kedja av kärlek, hopp och medkänsla. Särskilt i dessa tider vill UrT stödja denna opolitiska rörelse som arbetar på en helt ideell grund för att förena människor världen över. Vill du veta mer om Unitehopeprojektet kan du bläddra till sista uppslaget i UrT.

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Andrea Sundstrand