Peer review policy

Peer-review of manuscripts

For contributions intended to be published as peer-reviewed articles, the author must provide two versions of the manuscript in Word or similar programs: one version with author information (named after the author's last name such as Pettersson.doc) and one anonymous version lacking the name or other references to the author (eg, named Contributions URT January 2015). Note that it may be necessary to remove the author information under "Properties" of the document in Word.

The contributions should be sent to the editor-in-chief Andrea Sundstrand and assistant editor Robert Ågren as attachments in Word format. The e-mail adresses are:,

Please send information in the e-mail of the author's title, place of work (equivalent), phone number and e-mail address.

Please inform the editors in the e-mail if the contribution is intended to be published as peer-reviewed article. It is a requirement for articles written by phd-students to undergo peer review in order to be published.

The procedure

All contributions are reviewed first by the editors. The editors reserve the right to edit the paper in order to make the paper fit the journals lingvistical style.

If publishing is accepted by the editors, the article - in the anonymised version - is sent to review by two independent researchers suitable for the papers topic (peer review).

The author will receive information on the outcome of the external review. The outcome will be either accepted, accepted with changes or rejected. If reviewers envisage major changes, the editors may chose to send out the paper on a second round of reviews. The editors willl pass on comments made by the reviewers. If the paper is accepted the editors will provid information on the timetable for the printing process.

The first page of the paper will state that the paper has undergone peer-review.